Hi, my name is Bigs and I love to take pictures wherever I go. That´s how the name of this page was founded. Pics and Bigs makes pixibix. Fell free to sneak around and smile!

Got my suitcase packed...

I love travelling and to explore new places. The world is big and there are still a lot of green spaces left..... so it´s better to sleep with your passport by your side.....

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I had to delete the comments section, as I got too much spam in it. It´s a pity, but it was a full time job to get rid of all the spam. So just enjoy and relax!


If you like a pic and want to use it, please don´t steal it. Write me an email and I´m sure we will find a way....and you get a proper resolution. Please send your requests to bigs99@gmx.de.

My Etchings – Meine Radierungen – 2009-2017

Here is a collection of all my etchings so far….started in 2009...

08th Jan

Komodo – another dream came true

2017 was the year to fulfill two of my life long dreams…the...

17th Jul

Bali – July 2017

Under construction

10th Jul

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat and all the surrounding temples was a long kept dream...

24th Jun

Belitung – June 2017

These were the best days of 2017…..A weekend in paradise with wonderful...

10th Jun

USA 2016 – Catskill Mountains

An extended road trip brought us to the Catskill Mountains. Indian summer...

20th Okt

New York for a day

A daytrip from Boston – 4 hours on the train and there...

19th Okt

Boston & Natick & Broadmoor

My friend Katrin lives in Natick, which is 45 minutes by train...

16th Okt

USA 2016 – Maine

We went north  to Maine for a few wonderful days at the...

15th Okt

Sintra – Quinta da Regaleira

One hour north of Lisbon lies the picturesque town of Sintra with...

26th Sep


Some impressions of Lisbon. I spent a few autumn days in the city at...

25th Sep

On the streets of Jakarta – July 2016

As always I loved to sneak around areas of Jakarta and its...

08th Jul