On 13. August 2015

We arrived pretty early in the Westfjords and the forecast was good, so we decided to directly make it to Raudisandur. Probably the most beautiful beach in the world. And the best thing about is, that there are hardly any people getting there. The beach is said to have purple colors at some times. Not around midday though.

Another 50 km of gravel road is another of the must sees of the Westfjords. The cliffs of Latrabjarg, with  a huge puffin colony and 400m high cliffs, that drop off vertical to the sea. The puffins were really sweet and without any fear. You could nearly touch them….. lying on the floor of the cliff. A moment that you will not forget.

The sundlaug swimming pool right by the seaside was a dream at 40°C. Loved it! Two days later we said good bye to asphalt roads and drove up through the Westfjords until we reached the beautiful Dynjandi waterfall. An impressive 100 m high waterfall. Spend some magical time here before we headed on to Pingeyri, a sleeping town some kilometres further north.

Next stop was Bolungavik, last village before Greenland, well kind of. Einarshusid offered historical accomodation. A late evening stroll took me to the nearby fishing company, where the trawlers were emptying their nets…..at 3°C….brrrr…. but interesting!

After all that driving we had reserved a wonderful house in Sudavik for a few days……to relax. It felt like we were on school holidays at our Islandic grandma. Loved it! After this wonderful week we took Iceland Air from the tiny airport in Isafjördur to Reykjavik.

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