Komodo – another dream came true

On 17. Juli 2017

2017 was the year to fulfill two of my life long dreams…the first was Angkor Wat in Cambodia and I also got the change to go to Flores for three days, as my friend was going to work there for a week…. I fell in love with the area and its many, many islands, which remind me of sleeping dragons with all the hills….

I took a daytrip with a fast boat….we visited Padar Island, Komodo National Park, Pink Beach and Kanawa Beach. 

The highlight of course was to see real Komodo dragons and we were lucky to see them because it was mating season and they are hard to find in that time of year. 

But also snorkelling at Pink Beach and some beach time on Kanawa Beach were wonderful and I definately want to come back for a week. But next time I would love to stay on one of these nice wooden boats….


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