On 25. September 2016

Some impressions of Lisbon. I spent a few autumn days in the city at the river Tejo and explored all the small sideways and steps. I also successfully got to ride with tram 28, which was quite difficult to catch because of the crowds. An old women was praying that she would fit in the next tram….. Well, it can´t work when two cruise ships are in town and all want to catch the tram. 

Actually you don´t really need to ride, you can easily walk everywhere, besides you want to go to Belém which is a bit further. Enjoy the Pastéis de nata there or visit the UNESCO World Heritage Torre de Belém. We missed the open hours by five minutes…. 🙁 Next time! Definately want to come back one day for some more pictures of Azulejos (a-shu-le-shus), Pastéis and street art.

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